La Petite Mort.

how long have you been clean now for hun? well done for quitting that shit :) x asked by Anonymous

like.. idk.. a little over three months.

Posted: August 28th
Tumblr is ridiculous. I'm asian and I don't like asian men & yet I'd still be considered racist. Hrmmmm.. asked by Anonymous

they’re dense as hell.

Posted: August 28th
how do you feel about tastycum asked by Anonymous


Posted: August 28th
That's so fucking annoying, I reblog a bunch of Asian inspired stuff. It's cute as fuck. I also reblog a bunch of Asian girls. I'm not fetishizing them, I just think they're style is a LOT better than... Any tbh. I get called racist for that too. I'm not attracted to Asian men. I'm not attracted to anyone other than my bf who happens to be white. Guess I'm racist too ? Tumblr is so ridiculous sometimes. asked by sugarbud

people are whack as hell.. hatin ass bitches.

Posted: August 27th
i like your blog. obvi you're not racist. anon is dumb. bye <3 asked by sailor-uterus

hahah thanks.

Posted: August 27th
People are fucking dumb and annoying jeez. You're amazing, I love your blog. asked by hardcorenyan

thx grl

Posted: August 27th
I'm asian and I don't like asian men.. am I racist too? Since I'm asian, my family always pressures me into marrying an asian guy but I realized that I don't find asian men attractive at all and depending on personality, a lot of them actually annoy me! asked by milkbuns

everyone… look.. LOOK.. she’s racist! she’s RACIST! here comes all the steel door warriors… bring out the keyboard warriors! go go gadget FIST!

Posted: August 27th