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My mom kicked me out her house because she said I was stupid and like my father. I mobed with my dad he said I was weird and I had mental issues so I just live with my grandma. asked by chronic-dreams-

yeah thats unfortunate. my mother hates me so much because i moved to vermont. it makes her so mad that she cant control me from here.

Posted: September 21st
Love your blog! asked by kairidesu-deactivated20140921

thank you.

Posted: September 21st

does anyone elses parent(s) dislike them like mine do. and I don’t mean that stupid bullshit where you say that someone dislikes you and are being sarcastic and know that they really dont hate you.. i mean legit, real, 100% dislike. 

Posted: September 21st

These @y.r.u ballet bae platforms accidentally fell into my shopping basket and then onto my little size3 feets… oopsies! <3

Fyodor Golan SS 15