La Petite Mort.

do you know where to get the organic human shirt? asked by Anonymous

i keep getting this question.. it’s not me in the picture. if anyone knows id like to know because i want it too.

Posted: August 20th
very attractive ;) asked by jamesfanchone


Posted: August 20th


my phone pt. I(◡‿◡✿)
hey c: i love your blog. check out mine? asked by drrowninglessons

word, you’re from Mass? I go there a lot actually. What part? I go to Holyoke/Springfield area a lot.

Posted: August 7th
You haven't postet a selfie in a while, I miss your face cutie x asked by Anonymous

thanks! i havent taken any new photos in awhile actually.

Posted: August 7th
wait.. what happened to you and dan? asked by Anonymous

nothing really. we broke up awhile ago.

Posted: August 7th
I was wondering where you got those black and white stripped ruffle panties? They are really cute. Ask won't let me send the photo link so I hope you know what I'm talking about. asked by kittenphile

my aunt owns her own business in sex toys/lingerie etc and they are from her store.

Posted: August 7th


Posted: August 7th

haha realizing you dont have any real friends because theyre fuckin shady as hell

Posted: July 28th

your thirstiness is mad embarrassing..

Posted: July 24th

whats up fam

Posted: July 24th
are u still dating him? btw whats his blog? asked by Anonymous
Posted: July 24th