La Petite Mort.


Your blog is so pink and perfect, it makes me happy :3 asked by kayleighember

Thanks so much, I try really hard to maintain dat pink sheeit homes.

Posted: May 31st
You're a beautiful person.♡ asked by high-hime

So areu.

Posted: May 31st
I have no idea if my blog is something that you would like but yeah:-) asked by princessworthless

you blog is wonderful, princessworthmorethanshelikestothink&shouldbehappywithherself ;) <3

Posted: May 31st
meow. asked by chocolat-ears

mmmm baby ;)

Posted: May 31st
how are you lately, princess? asked by sushimaid-deactivated20140604

yo, i’m straight. how are you!

Posted: May 31st

check out your blog, most likely i probably actually will. xo night.`

Posted: May 24th

i got a confession to make…. i’m a boredom binge eater.

Posted: May 24th

since i’ve used tumblr.. I’ve always followed 150 blogs or less.. I am past my norm & am @ 167. Still no 200, but I’m searching long and hard for great blogs similar to mine. i will find you guys.. & love you like my own.

Posted: May 22nd
i sobbed inside when i saw that you followed me ; v ; i've loved your tumblr for so many years now ahh thank you so much!! ♡♡♡ asked by shanzhu

awwww, you’re welcome. i’m glad you like it. that’s great :)

Posted: May 22nd

I made a pretty pink cake~♡

i&#8217;d smash on that cake