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what kinda audi you talkin about drivin? asked by Anonymous

Audi s4 2002, it’s pretty tricked out, too.

Posted: June 29th
damn, babe. i'm sorry that everything went down this way. like getting clean is a bitch and so are relationship issues. i hope it all turns out for the best for you <3 asked by Anonymous

oh well, fam. lifes a bitch, right?

Posted: June 29th
What's her tumblr name? asked by Anonymous
Posted: June 29th
idk man, he is just as guilty as her tho. like she should have known better but he should have as well. i've been with my partner for 5 years and if they did that to me then idk what i'd do asked by Anonymous

exactly why i said hes not innocent either.  i asked him why and hes like idk babe shes fat you dont need to worry like i was like really? seems like you’re lying so you wouldnt mind me telling her how you’re telling me she is fat and that she don’t mean shit? he said no i dont mind. he knows im mad but, yo, i have been l havent been there for him mentally as well as i could have. she’s supposedly got a man, too.. idk man. i don’t condone like body shaming LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR. i do NOT and i repeat DO NOT have anything to say about her body type.. i’m not a hater, she isn’t ugly to me. i’m not the thinnest thing in the world either. i mean, he didnt even try and cover his tracks he said he WANTED me to find it??? he left everything open our computer to see.. i think he was playing some mind game shit.. it is what it is, we’re goin through some shit, ya know? 

Posted: June 29th

bitch i’m ridin audi while you ridin sneaker

Posted: June 29th

waaaaaaah stalkin ass hoe train not even old enough to buy your own pack of cigs :’(

Posted: June 29th
did she say anything back? asked by Anonymous

nope! but i know she got the message because she recently was posting on tumblr and like posted some emo shit first thing

someone wake me up when im dead
she said that. im sure she’ll still try and speak to him but i think she gets the point i left her a voicemail :)

Posted: June 29th
What happened between you and tasytcum? Hope you're fine, dear, Let me know if you need anything. xox asked by bloomingbaka

nothing really.. weve been together 4 years about now and we were just going through a rough time, weve been clean awhile so we’re on edge.. and he was like, hitting this one tumblr girl up…. and they were being really inappropriate and shes like sending pictures of her covering her tits and shit… and texting him and like was like asking who “emily” was and he said my gf or whatever and shes like well i dont wanna piss her off or have her freak out as if i wouldnt after i read all their disgusting messages back and forth.. not to mention dan is about 10 years older than her. I left her a voicemail letting her know whats up basically.. I’m not innocent either.. I mean i’ve been absent doing my own thing and shit but i’ve been loyal whereas this chica on tumblrs like sayin mad weird shit and hes like feeding into it because she thinks were on some type of break.. i was feelin some type of way thinkin like i obviously need to say something to the both of them.. I mean, yo, we use the same computer and like she obviously does not know that so i read it ALL.. I am not stupid.. I don’t mean to put her shit on blast but yo…

Posted: June 29th

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