i'm emily & i'm a sick girl.

super glad to see all the love on your page today bc it's super great that you're feeling good! ; u ; asked by lovelymoth


Posted: April 7th
Wow, you're a total babe. asked by daspharaoh

aw no, no wayy thank you!

Posted: April 7th
What are your favorite kind of movies? :3 asked by lyricalmermaid

hi honey! i dont like movies nearly as much as I like tv series’ so ill name every single series i’ve watched & finished (or at least am up to date on.)

The Blacklist
Shameless (one of my faves)
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Real Housewives of Orange County
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Real Housewives of New Jersey
Real Housewives of Melbourne
The Vampire Diaries
True blood (love it)
Pretty Little Liars
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Breaking Bad
The Wire
Prison Break
Duck Dynasty
Gossip Girl
American Horror Story
Sons of Anarchy
The Bad Girls Club
Orange is the New black
he Walking Dead
Americas Next Top Model
True Detective
Jersey Shore
Bates Motel
Vanderpump Rules
The Following
Total Divas

I cant even think of more right now but i KNOW for a fact i’ve watched and finished more series’ than I can even count!

Posted: April 7th
You are really cute! asked by Anonymous

ahh, thank you so very much!

Posted: April 7th
Have you ever had anal sex and if so, do you enjoy it? My bf and I want to, but it hurts me so much, but I wanna keep trying :/ asked by Anonymous

Yes, I have.. Quite frequently.. I actually really, really enjoy it. I love anal sex.. Sometimes I prefer it to normal sex. It wont hurt after awhile if you keep doing it, you’re body will eventually get used to it and adjust to it. But if it’s hurting, don’t try and keep letting him do it if it hurts & its not enjoyable..Honestly, you might just have to use lube & also you can use toys that are smaller and gradually go up a size.. start with fingers… like one or two.. who knows it may help. Anal is hot because it’s like a naughty, dirty, degrading thing in my opinion… so it’s so hot. Although, if it hurts that much, really, you don’t want to hurt yourself on purpose just for your man to get off. It doesn’t always hurt like I said! Good luck, love!

Posted: April 7th

or maybe morning bbs cuz some of you are from way across the globe!

Posted: April 7th

ahh, it’s 4:21 am and i still havent slept yet.. spent the whole night talking with dan and preforming oral sex back and forth for hours.. seems like a productive night to me ;)

Posted: April 7th


French Montana ft. Curren$y - So High

Posted: April 5th