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it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary

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Posted: September 13th

i got a cherry bubble gum vanilla twist today.

holy fucking need this on my body right now 
how does tastycum know your bf? asked by Anonymous

We met him through people in his family we were friends with and chilled with him sometimes.

Posted: September 12th

does anyone have a tag for all the funny the funny text posts with lots of notes or know of a blog that does?

Posted: September 12th
do you and tastycum talk at all anymore when's the last time you talk asked by Anonymous

not really.. i haven’t spoken to him in awhile. he called my boyfriends phone today and I said hello and gave the phone to my boyfriend and thats about as far as it goes as far as talking to him in the past couple of weeks or months or whatever. my boyfriend and him talk more than we talk.

Posted: September 12th
I've never heard of PT haha, but another good game (if you're into zombies and shit) is The Last of Us. It's another amazing game. It's like a movie you can interact with. asked by knottysailorboy

my boyfriend is mostly into it, lol. we want to play GTA5, obviously.. i mean cmon who doesnt!

Posted: September 12th