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Your blog is amazing. Haters gonna hate asked by Anonymous

thx fam

Posted: August 30th
#sorrynotsorry i dont like small dicks lol asked by jenovashead


Posted: August 30th

wow holy shit. i don’t know anymore. I really just don’t know..

Posted: August 29th
I'd just like to say that "not being attracted to ASIAN men" is a very odd thing to say because ASIA is a very diverse place. "Asian" doesn't just include Japan, Korea, China, etc. Maybe pin pointing the features you aren't in to would be better? asked by Anonymous

Really? I’m not going to sit here and keep satisfying everyone elses needs. I’ve entertained this topic for too long.. It’s been like, 4 days or more. You think i’m “racist” for an opinion. Great. On to the next one.

Posted: August 29th
tbh i find it really stupid that people are calling you racist for not being attracted to asian men like bruh that's like saying you're a homophobe for not being gay it's a personal preference and being attracted to asian guys and liking asian-inspired things are two completely different things omfg people nowadays wtf?????? i don't think you're racist like i have personal preferences with guys and other people have no right to tell you it's wrong to not like asian guys asked by Anonymous

It’s not surprising here on tumblr.. people always feel like they need to argue some invalid points because they want to be recognized.. yet they do it on anonymous. they’re whack as hell.

Posted: August 29th
Regarding your opinion on Asian men being 'dense as hell'; well you ain't no angel and probably if not, more dense than the shit you use to smoke/snort or whatever crap that is going on in your life. asked by Anonymous

-siiiiiiigh- if you are going to try and say someone is stupid for something you should probably know the right information and all of it. I never said asian men were dense as hell, I said the people who are harassing me and calling me racist for not being sexually attracted to asian men are dense. Anyways… Next!

Posted: August 29th


"Don’t wear that you’ll give people the wrong idea"

What idea? That I’m a fine as hell? That ain’t an idea that’s a fact ma

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Posted: August 28th