La Petite Mort.

haha realizing you dont have any real friends because theyre fuckin shady as hell

Posted: July 28th

your thirstiness is mad embarrassing..

Posted: July 24th

whats up fam

Posted: July 24th
are u still dating him? btw whats his blog? asked by Anonymous
Posted: July 24th
Fuk that nigga tho asked by Anonymous

nah, fam.

Posted: July 24th
How do you feel about Dan posting those videos of him jerking off asked by Anonymous

i didn’t even know and don’t plan to watch them… we were together four years.. I’ve seen it all. I’m doin me and he can do him.

Posted: July 24th
"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life." written by Robin Sharma (via ojiru)

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Could you recommend some blogs like yours?:3 I really love your blog and would like to see more of it on my dash! asked by Anonymous

bbykitti, virgindies, blushdoe, angelic-lullabies, depresseddoll, hiroshimas, meowneko, floudette

those are just some.

Posted: July 23rd
I hope you know how strong you are. Heroin sucks all the humanity out of people and abstaining can be really fucking difficult (esp. how easy it is to go back and forth b/t suboxone and dope). Idk, I really feel your struggle. Things get worse before they get better. asked by coalesceinfinity

yeah, I know. thank you. been clean off dope for awhile now.

Posted: July 23rd